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We Little was founded by Dr.Shifa Arshad in 2013 with a focus on better health by looking beyond just teeth. It was her unbound love for children that led her to specialize in Pediatric preventive dentistry after completing her bachelors in 2006.

With a primary focus on prevention Dr.Shifa after her masters in pediatric dentistry, successfully started practicing the art of natural treatment for crooked teeth. Now, WE LITTLE takes pride in being painless reason for more than 4050 children by offering them the best possible treatment and a healthy smile

As a team We Little work towards building wellness than waiting for an illness that needs treatment. Our team of doctors are best skilled with the right expertise to manage and care children right from infancy to early adulthood. With a mission to have an overall effect on the holistic growth of a child we provide superior care with protocols that are on par with the international standards dental service

Our services


Tongue Tie Clinic

Breastfeeding made stress free for the mother and baby.

breath retraining services of Preventive Pediatric Dentistry in coimbatore

Breath Retraining

Sleep apnea and snoring- treatment and management.

natural straight teeth in Preventive Pediatric Dentistry in coimbatore

Naturally Straight Teeth

Myofunctional orthodontics to fix crooked teeth




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breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

Breastfeeding VS Bottle-feeding !!! Their Role on Children's Teeth, Alignment and Sleep

Breastfeeding is not same as breast milk feeding!!! I was at the university in Boston couple of days before, when a young mother who was a professional was given a chance to present the case of her own child who is suffering from disordered sleep. The room was full of professionals and the GLOBES BEST doctors in the field of pediatric sleep.



Pediatric dental clinics blogs
sleep disorders

Sleep disordered breathing and role of a dentist in Children

I am at TUFTS, Doing Pediatric dental sleep medicine. Isn’t a dentist’s job to drill and fill teeth? So What lead me here helping children sleep better? 

In the last decade, I chose the path of prevention. My journey began with search to prevent crooked teeth and need for teeth removal and braces (clip). Through the pr



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Breastfeeding Cavities

Does Breast Feeding cause cavities?

Am here in my training miles away from home., and I have no choice but put this as priority to write this blog.

A hurt and depressed mother reaches out to me with a trembling voice saying “ I took my 1 year old to the dentist because he had some stains on his front tooth, they are STRONGLY recommending me to stop breastfeeding&rd



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pacifier dental problems


I have been asked umpteen number of times on why I am an aberrant promoter of breastfeeding, when my primary profession is about teeth? Being a Preventive Pediatric dentist, I play a major role in optimising growth and development of the craniofacial complex in children (head and neck). One of the main work is to guide and monitor how the f



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crooked teeth


About 14 years before, I came home and told my mum and sister that I have decided to be a PEDIATRIC DENTIST, their first response was, a dentist, for a teeth thats going to fall off overnight? All I said was I will make a difference!!! and they trusted.
Very often people mistake a pediatric dentist to be just at tooth doctor, who can dril