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3 out of every 4 children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. These problems are evident from as early as 4 years of age. Even though the problems are evident, present orthodontic treatments require the child to grow with the problem until their early teen to start correction. The solution later provided are painful, requires brackets and wires stuck to teeth for couple of years and most often is accompanied by removal of healthy teeth. To add on there is a high chance of relapse of the malocclusion after the treatment or it requires wearing of retainers lifelong.

Most of the time we are made to believe that genetics is the only cause for malocclusion/crooked teeth. Just like how other genetically transferred diseases like cardiac and diabetes express themselves only in the presence of lifestyle changes and can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Likewise crooked teeth/malocclusion expresses in the presence of oral restrictions, myofunctional habits & dietary modifications.

Welittle, the best pediatric dentistry in India providing the top myobrace treatment (or) teeth alignment treatment for child in natural way by providing the quality myobrace for kids. We are providing the quality myobrace for our patients at affordable cost in India.

Welittle have the team of dental experts responsible for aligning the kid’s teeth naturally with proper care & attention.

children undergoes teeth straightening treatment in india


Modern research has shown that mouth breathing, tongue thrusting,reverse swallow and thumb sucking- known as incorrect myofunctional habits are the real causes of crooked teeth. These habits limit the development of the child’s jaws and face resulting in orthodontic problems. These causes cannot be corrected with fixed braces

Children with these abnormal myofunctional habits have excess of muscular influences on the developing jaws which leads to underdeveloped upper jaw and restricted forward growth of the lower jaw. Along with the concern of malocclusion, incorrect development of the jaw can affect a child's breathing by restricting airway and could be a main contributor of sleep disordered breathing.

Is orthodontics with braces the only treatment option?


Treating and correcting these poor myofunctional habits is highly important as research shows the position of the teeth is determined by the lips and tongue. Orofacial myofunctional orthodonticsfocuses on treating the causes of crooked teeth which apart from aligning the teeth without the need for braces, improves general health and allows children to realise their maximum growth potential.


Orthodontics with braces has been used for decades to straighten teeth after all the permanent teeth have appeared, though they are found to be effective in aligning the teeth, there are also well documented disadvantages. The traditional orthodontics doesn’t concentrate on correcting the underlying cause of crooked teeth treated which gives them a high likelihood of relapse, unless a permanent commitment is made to wear a fixed or removable retainer.

The other Limitations of treatment with braces are:

1. Relapse-90%
2. Decay, Gum disease & permanent markings on teeth
A teeth with gum decay are the effects of other braces but there is no effect in natural teeth straightening in india
3. Length of roots of some teeth may be shortened during orthodontic treatment which is a serious threat to the longevity of teeth (root resorption)
4. Need for a retainer
5. Need for Extraction

Orofacial myofunctional orthodontics with Myobrace shown not to cause root resorption because of intermittent use & any of the above mentioned risks as in orofacial myofunctional therapy we concentrate on correcting the underlying cause of crooked teeth which would avoid the need for extraction & retainer.

How Does the Oro Facial Myofunctional Orthodontics With Myobrace Work?

Myofunctional Research co.(MRC) was founded in 1989 byDr. Chris Farrell(BDS Sydney) to develop a more effective option for the growing child with orthodontic problem. The Myobrace system by MRC are designed not only to straighten teeth, but also to treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth by correcting poor oral habits such as mouth breathing,tongue thrust and incorrect swallowing patterns.

The orofacial myofunctional orthodontic system with Myobrace actively aligns the teeth and jaws by:
  • Teaching the tongue to sit in the correct position in the upper jaw
  • Assisting in correcting swallowing patterns that cause the teeth to be crowded.
  • Training the patient to breathe through the nose – an essential for facial development and general health and wellbeing.

Children teeth before & after treatment of teeth straightening in india
A girl teeth before & after treatment of teeth straightening in india
A small boy Children teeth before & after treatment of teeth straightening in india
Children teeth before & after of myobrace treatment in india
Children teeth before & after of myobrace treatment in india
Children teeth before & after of myobrace treatment in india
Children teeth before & after of myobrace treatment in india